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The Foundation provides expert advice, training, accreditation and builds the next generation organisational models & tools.

Provides Design, Consulting, Workshops and Training for over 7,500 large global customers since 2008

Professional Services

Helping Clients understand, design and develop Customer Experience

Operational Services

Helping Clients understand, design and develop Customer Experience driven processes to reduce cost of operation and increase the value of customer relationships. We provide access to a global network to provide clients with the best leading experts accredited and known by the Foundation  to support projects and initiatives at the cutting edge of Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence ,   Behavioural Science & Engineering,    Gamification

Customer Satisfaction,         Technology Design,   Organisational Design and Execution


Customer Experience is a rapidly changing science with a need to stay current with disruptive innovations in technology, behaviour & impacts .

We help organisations adapt and change

  • Operating Model
  • Customer Value
  • Measurement & Customer Satisfaction
  • Contact Centers
  • Social Engagement
  • Sales & Service Model

Measuring Experience Metrics



On-line – training in Customer Experience with Expert Courses such as Customer Journey Mapping and behavioural engineering and basic courses

Internal – We provide courses on Customer Experiences specially designed and executed internally

Workshops –  for more than 5500 delegates over the last 12 months in 11 Countries

1 Day workshops on:

Big Data Artificial Intelligence and AI,  Behavioural Engineering, Customer Experiences Business Cases & Financial Models, Gamification and others

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We also help Event & Conference organisers turn Events into Experiences


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Public Speaking

USA, UK, Australia Austria France Monaco Germany Sweden United Arab Emirates Qatar South Africa Spain Turkey Greece China Singapore Italy Hungary Holland Belgium Switzerland at more than 170 events

“…..97% rated your speech as excellent – on the feedback scores”
Morris is an exceptional public speaker who engages audiences with a passion for his subjects and a great sense of humour. He has hosted and spoken at numerous events and had many articles published across the world.
Morris is regarded as a leading thinker in business science pioneering Contact Strategy and Customer Experience as well as both the cost modelling of customer experience and the use of social media.His work on customer insight and organisational structures is now considered to be part of current best practice in many institutions.
I learnt more from this workshop about CEM than I thought was possible
Delegate, Amazon
Thank you so much for the keynote speech – from the feedback it received the highest score.
Organiser, L.F.D
I have left your workshop today with a plan that I can start to implement tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration and the confidence
Delegate, JC Penny
Many thanks for your contribution at the National Customer Show yesterday. I fully understand and appreciate the time and effort that goes into producing a great presentation. – The Directors Club UKI found the session very engaging and fun.
Organiser, The Directors Club
I think it was one of the best workshops I have ever been to.
Delegate, Bank Of America
Congratulation on getting 1st spot on presenter feedback from Twickenham event.
Sales Director, BTL